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International Workshop for

"The Calibration of Atmospheric Fluorescence Telescope"

Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, University of Tokyo

Kashiwa-no-ha 5-1-5, Kashiwa, Japan 277-8582

February 26th, 2004

ICRR 6th Floor Seminar Room

*  Workshop photograph


*  Presentations

Name Title Download
M. Fukushima Opening and Welcome
B. Keilhauer Summary and Issues of AirLight03 Workshop PPT
Atmospheric Radio Soundings in Argentina PPT
N. Sakaki Fluorescence Efficiency Measured by Beta Source PDF
J.N. Matthews Fluorescence Efficiency Measured by FLASH at SLAC PPT
R. Meyhandan Calibration of Auger Fluorescence Telescope PPT
N. Sakurai CRAYS and TA telescope calibration PPT
M. Mostafa Atmospheric Monitoring of Auger
M. Chikawa Atmospheric Monitoring of TA PPT
E. Plagnol Power Generation for Scintillator System PPT
M. Teshima EUSO Atmospheric Monitoring from Space PPT
K. Kasahara LHC Experiment for Calibrating AS Monte Carlo PPT
M. Fukushima Electron Linac Beam as Absolute Calibration Source PPT

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